Poway and Del Mar, California, April 2, 2013

Today was another two-fer, in two ways.

One way was because my knees preferred, nay, demanded that I not subject them to walking, so I did one thing while Stephen did another.

And we did different things in the morning and the afternoon.

South Poway Trail - the final bit

Stephen has really gotten into the South Poway Trail. This morning, we drove to the church parking lot where we started our second piece of the trail. He took off, while I stayed in the car, reading, knitting, contemplating life.

First, I'll show you his Google Earth trek for today. Stephen walked about 6.5 kms.

And now, from our mapping software, all five hikes. The tracks are all in different colours.

And finally, again from the mapping software, the trail map without all of those bits where we walked on roads getting to/from the hotel. Or perhaps got lost! The mapping software says that this trail is 21.5 kms long.

I think that's quite the accomplishment for Stephen.

He did take a couple of photos of the environs. First, looking east (Iron Mountain is the peak to the right).

And looking west.

Del Mar Beach Walk

After lunch at one of our favorite places in Poway, the Hamburger Factory, we again parted company. I went poolside at the hotel, reading, knitting, listening to music. And Stephen went back to Del Mar for a beach walk. He got attacked by a wave or two while doing so!

Here are a few photos that he took. Some seaweed.

Some populace.

And a crumbling hill. The hills here are pretty well made of sand. It amazes me that people actually build houses on top of sand. I remember from my childhood Sunday School days singing the song about the wise man who built his house upon the rock and the foolish man who built his house upon the sand, and the rains came pouring down.

Tomorrow, we head back to Palm Springs. We spend one night there, and then we return to Calgary on Thursday. I'm ready. My knees are really ready for some rest!
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