Poway, California, March 2013

Mar 31 - South Poway Trail yet again

The decision for today was based on a couple of things: the state of my knees and the probable population at some of the hiking trails that we know to be easy. This being a long weekend, we figured that it might be wise to avoid some of the more popular - and populous - trails.

So we decided to check out another part of the South Poway trail system. Thus far, we have seen few people on this trail - some, but not lots.

And we knew that it wasn't particularly difficult.

So South Poway Trail it was.

Again, we started from the hotel. This map shows our track of last Monday in green, and today's track in purple. Obviously, we had more energy today!

Here's the Google Earth view of our track. In the lower right-hand corner you will see a bit of a loop close to a white dot - that's a water tank. More about it below.

Here's the elevation profile. A bit of a roller coaster. That spike off to the right is probably where the GPS lost satellite when we nipped into the local Jimmy's Barbecue for lunch (after which we went back to the hotel and I changed to a clean shirt!)

Here are some views of our surroundings. First, looking east, that's Iron Mountain off in the distance a bit to the right of center (recognizable by the saddle with a little peak to the left and the taller peak to the right).

And looking west is Black Mountain.

One of our goals was to get to the aforementioned water tank, the high point of our walk. There was a rough scrambly trail leading from the main trail to the tank - I could do it. But, more importantly, there was a rough gravel road getting back to the mail trail - a much gentler slope for going downhill. That's the loop in the tracks shown above.

Some shots of the trail.

And here is the flora and fauna section.

First, a couple of ducks pretending to swim in what might have been a canal with a lot of water in it decades ago.

See if you can see the gecko.

Now, some cacti. This was puzzling, because the cactus is right beside a swamp - not an expected combination.

This big cactus that Stephen is standing beside turned out, upon closer look, to be interesting...

...in that it appears to be infested by or strangled by this morning-glory-type of flower/vine.

And this prickly pear cactus is in bloom! Very cool!

Here are some normal wild flowers.

And now for some cultivation. First, a well-done xeriscaped yard.

And some gorgeous roses.

We have some options for tomorrow - it will depend on the weather and the knees. Hopefully, the crowds will have diminished somewhat.
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