Poway, California, March 2013

Mar 30 - South Poway Trail again

You may have gotten the impression from yesterday's travelogue that I perhaps overdid it, that my knees would probably complain today. They did.

So today's travelogue is in two parts: one for what I did during the day, and the more interesting part for what Stephen did today.

I went to the local Target store, picked up a few things, came back to the hotel, and sat by the pool, reading, knitting, and drinking cool water (notice that, Cathy!!). Perfect!

Stephen, on the other hand, decided to follow a bit more of the South Poway Trail, which I have described a couple of times already.

You have to understand, when he is not encumbered by me and my knees, he can get a really good stride going.

He walked almost 11 kms in a little over 2.5 hours, up hill and down dale.

First, here is the map showing in green where we first stumbled upon the trail. The purple track, which overlaps the green somewhat, is where Stephen went today.

Here is the Google Earth view.

A couple of views of the trail, looking generally northeast.

Looking north from the trail.

Looking west from the trail, towards Black Mountain.

As he was strolling along, all of a sudden he came upon this model railroad set-up. Here are a few photos, including one with a human, so you can see the scale of the layout.

And here is the flora and fauna section. First, some fauna: a Roadrunner (beep beep).

And some pretty plant life.

My knees are feeling much better now, thank you very much!

So tomorrow, I'll probably be up for a gentle trek somewhere.

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