Del Mar, California, March 2013


Now, most of you realize that I generally loathe shopping.

But this morning, I did some investigation as to why I had some pain in my little toe, and realized that it had tried to eat through the side of my shoe, and it was now rubbing against the eroded inside of the shoe.

California is a shopper's paradise. So off we trundled to one of the malls that we have been to before. And before long, found a Sport Chalet store with a knowledgeable clerk in the shoe department. He showed me three incredibly comfortable pairs of shoes. I walked away in one of the pairs (he said he would toss my old shoes in the garbage for me). And I carried another pair.

Really close was another of our favorite stores: See's Chocolates. Stephen and I had some coupons from our previous trip, so of course we had to buy more stuff to use up the coupons.

By then it was lunch time, so we headed for the food court, where we got some Mongolian food and ate overlooking a skating rink. We were tempted to see if they rented skates. But Stephen didn't have a sweatshirt or jacket with him to cover his tshirt, and we figured that it might be chilly on the ice. So we passed on that experience.

And decided that a beach walk was in order.

Mar 28 - Del Mar Beach walk

It is exactly one year ago today that we did this particular beach walk. Hmmmm.

It is kind of nice on the knees that there is no elevation change - we were walking at sea level. Most of the time, we were walking on sand that was fairly firm, due to the tide. Where the sand was loose was actually quite hard on my knees.

Anyway, here is the basic record of our walk. Not a lot of pictures, so this page shouldn't take too long to load.

First, where we were relative to the hotel (the red light bulb). It's about 20 km as the crow flies between Poway and Del Mar.

The Google Earth view of our walk (the pale blue line). That's I5 off to the right.

The I-was-here shot:

And some flowers:

After the walk, we went to our favorite strawberry vendor, who sells right beside the strawberry fields. Honestly, these strawberries are so incredibly juicy. When you take a bite out of one, you have to actually suck the juice out of it before moving it away from your mouth, or you will dribble everywhere!! They are amazingly delicious, too.

Then we came back to the hotel, picking up some supper stuff at the local grocery store.

Tomorrow, who knows what we'll do? I sure don't! That's the way retirement should be.

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