Lake Elsinore Lakepoint Park, California, January 28, 2014

Jan 28 - Trying to walk the lakeshore

Some people labour under the delusion that if there is a lake that is considered a recreational area, there is also the possibility of walking around it - or at least around some portion of it.

These are the kinds of people who would look at the Google Map of Lake Elsinore, eyeball all of that green, and head for the green space, believing in their heart of hearts that this would provide an opportunity for a pleasant lakeshore stroll.

They would be wrong! At least in lakeshore-stroller-unfriendly Lake Elsinore. Because those green spaces turn out to be RV resorts and boat launches and gated places. You cannot get to the lakeshore, even if you could find a place to park (a whole lot of NO PARKING signs here).

Even an area such as the top corner of the lake, where the pink arrow is pointing in this Google Earth shot, is inaccessible.

So we decided that perhaps we really wanted to walk the levee again - well, not really, but it seemed the only way we could get some lake-side walking in.

But as we were heading towards the levee, we came across a sign that pointed to a park, with parking, by the lakeshore. (See the blue arrow in the pic above.) So we investigated.

It turned out to be a fairly small green space with play area. The park seemed to be associated with the local senior center.

The first thing that we saw was this sign, identifying Lakepoint Park. Not sure if we were supposed to believe the black or the red numbers in determining the distance! In the end, we did 3 laps, and 1.8 kms, or just over a mile.

These are photos of the park. It is sure pleasant to see green after all of the dusty sandy colours we have been exposed to lately (you should see my black shoes, which are no longer black!).

And this shot shows our track. If you look closely, you just might be able to identify the three laps that we did. Or not!!!

The park wasn't crowded, but there were quite a few people, including kids on the playground equipment.

This little walk was our afternoon exercise. It was hot - around 25 Celsius.

In the morning, we headed off for some shopping. Stephen bought some shoes. I bought something for Eric's guitar for his upcoming 6th birthday. We had lunch. And then tried to do a lakeshore walk.

After the walk, we went to a local grocery store to stock up on stuff for tonight's supper.

Not a whole lot of exercise today, but not for lack of trying.

We were truly disappointed at the lack of access to the lake. And annoyed. What's the point of visiting a lake if you can't get at it?
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