Lake Elsinore Levee, California

February 4, 2014

First, a cool photo. This morning we noticed some fog over the lake, so Stephen headed out of our hotel room into the 4 degree C weather to catch this shot!

Lake Elsinore Levee, second Visit

On our first day here, we walked the levee - and it was too long a walk for my comfort, at 12 kms.

But today, we were kind of low on energy, so we decided to do half of it. We aimed for that orange blob in the map above that is called an island but isn't really an island.

And here is the Google Earth view of our two strolls on this levee. The red track is from our earlier trip, and the cyan track on top of the red track is from today. Today's walk was 7.4 kms long - still pretty good for me, considering all the walking that I have done the past several days. It was cool walking - low teens Celsius, with wind - I should have worn a windproof jacket over my sweatshirt and t-shirt. Stephen actually took off his sweatshirt before we started, but that lasted just a few seconds!

Now for some photos. We didn't take too many - we've already seen pretty well all there is to see on this levee!

This shot is a view from the island toward the lake. There is a little pond between the island and the lake proper. The water in it has a slight pinkish tinge - speaks "chemicals" to me!

And here are a couple of strange looking birds, black with red heads. According to Stephen's bird chart, they are Common Gallinules - they may be common, but I've never heard of them before.

Afterwards, we went for lunch, and then relaxed a bit.

Tomorrow, we leave beautiful Lake Elsinore and head off to Palm Springs for a couple of days. Maybe that means I'll get a day's rest for my knees! Or not!!!

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